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Variety: Ukrainian Film Personalities Call for Russian Boycott

The final words of S. Bukovsky text was deleted by editors without any explanation. So here it is:

And last year, in 2021, the Cannes Film Festival celebrated the work about Babi Yar by director Loznitsa, allegedly a Ukrainian director, filled with the narrative accusing my people—the people of Ukraine—of collaboration in the mass killings of the Jewish population.

The world still doesn’t see Ukraine as a separate, independent country, even after 30 years—a country with an ancient cultural heritage, past and present cultural icons. The world knows nothing about the generation of Ukrainian avant-garde artists executed by Stalin in the 1930s. The name of Valentyn Silvestrov is known to many in the Western world, but almost no one knows he is a Ukrainian composer.But listen and watch: We exist!


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